VIDEO: The Root of big impact

In this video Aaron talks about how he went from really inspired about making the world a better place, to getting discouraged by lack of progress and change. This is such a common experience for people. The hope of this conference is that it gives a whole new foundation for really making an impact in the world, without it leading to fatigue or getting discouraged.

In the months leading up to the conference, we have been in conversation with many aid-workers, and they all say that how they work is not sustainable long term, that there is a lot of burnout, and that people struggle with keeping their spirits high in the face of such challenging work. The principles of the mind we are going to share at One Solution offer a more powerful resilience that makes people less susceptible to burnout, and more able to maintain their energy and clarity in the same circumstances. Our panelists are living proof that it’s possible to work in challenging roles like disaster relief, refugee camps, and prisons without losing hope and energy.

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