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Learn more about the the ideas behind this conference and the impact it's already having on the world in our blogs and videos.

VIDEO: The Root of big impact

In this video Aaron talks about how he went from really inspired about making the world a better place, to getting discouraged by lack of progress and change. This is such a common experience for people. The hope of this conference is...
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Mahima Shrestha on relief workers in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake: “It wasn’t until they came across this understanding … that [the relief workers] realized that the psychological toll was not necessary: that the emotional distress on their part was not necessary...
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VIDEO: A new level of conversation

One of the most interesting parts about creating this first conference in a global call to looking at the mind, is that people tend to follow the quality of conversations that are being had. Spending our days communicating, sharing, teaching, listening in...
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Redefining global insecurity

Excerpt from an interview, where Stephanie Fox and Mara Gleason talked about how all the wars and conflicts we see in the world is simply a misunderstanding of where security comes from. If we all had what we needed we wouldn´t wage...
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Prevention Education

I’ve spent close to 15 years participating in the prevention education field and in those years I’ve seen the areas of what we are “preventing” aggressively persist. In the late 1980’s to the early 2000’s the prevention arena focused on preventing drug...
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