Examples where a more profound understanding of the mind has made a difference


“One boy shared how learning the thought cycle helped him not fight…He said he then went through the thought cycle on that first thought and realized putting his thoughts into action would lead to suspension, so he calmed down and just walked away instead.”  READ MORE


After the Nepal earthquake in 2015 and at the request of Mahima Shrestha, One Solution speaker, Rudi and Jenny Kennard led a small team of volunteers who helped survivors connect with their innate health and resilience.
— Video courtesy of Innate Wellbeing Ltd.,


Kenya Police See Results From Principles-based Reform Program, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (April 8, 2016)

The vision of the One Solution conference is to demonstrate how a new understanding of the mind leads to unprecedented results, like this report on a program with the Kenyan Police, published April 8 on the web site of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. READ MORE


Having this understanding simplifies our problems and enables us to overcome them more rapidly.


In his own words: a prisoner shares how the Three Principles changed his life.


soldier“I had been told that I would have PTSD for the rest of my life. How wrong that statement would be, because for the last two and a half years … I have lived WITHOUT PTSD and my world is a much happier place…”  READ MORE


mahima_sqMahima Shrestha on relief workers in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake: “It wasn’t until they came across this understanding … that [the relief workers] realized that the psychological toll was not necessary: that the emotional distress on their part was not necessary for them to be present and to be compassionate.”

Listen to more of this conversation below:


StephanieStephanie Fox on hope — “Our experience is coming from inside of us – not the other way around. This is at the heart of the understanding to be discussed at the One Solution conference.” READ MORE

Listen to more of this conversation below:


“We have measured results over the last 18 months and found that as well as lower stress levels we have increased sales by 75 percent.”

“We are much more prepared to present a solution that leverages a greater portion of the business’s marketing budget.” READ MORE


Bringing a new understanding of the mind to public housing developments
Video courtesy of Three Principles Global Community and


“…As this new understanding provided clarity for me and pulled back the blinders, I realized that I held the key to defusing the situation. Sure, it was no more my responsibility than hers to address the issue, but if I had waited for her to make the first move the situation would have remained the same. Blame is a pointless game fueled by ego and stuck in the past that has no winners…” READ MORE

“I have been using an understanding of the principles behind State of Mind with leaders and high-achievers since 2011, but it wasn’t until the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris that I saw with complete clarity that this understanding provided a single, simple solution not just to the challenge of terrorism, but to every other global challenge as well…”

“Helping these leaders shift their mind-sets has proved to be the most effective way to bring about real and lasting change…”

“As people learn how their minds work, they are impacted in all sorts of wonderful ways – they get ideas about how to create businesses, how to heal relationships, and how to help others…”

“…For people like me, as well as the people who perpetrate violence, this understanding of the human mind transforms lives. How quickly could we end domestic violence and rape if this solution took hold around the world?”

“Gaining a true understanding of the human mind is life-changing, liberating and empowering…has the potential to have profound impacts on millions of people…”

“It is clear to me that a deeper understanding of how the mind really works is the key to solving virtually every world, personal, and business problem that persists

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