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Our world originates from thought.

Our world originates from thought

There are several reasons why I feel like this conference is so necessary and so exciting at this moment in time.  One is that everything improves for humanity when we understand something at a simpler level than we’d previously understood it.  So, any person’s realization that everything in our reality comes from thought has massive implications for individuals and society.  It simplifies our problems and enables us to overcome them more rapidly.  And the other reason I feel like this conference is overdue is because the result of this understanding needs to be more widely shared with the world.  I feel spoiled that as part of my professional life I get to witness the profound and often delightfully surprising results that emerge when that simple realization becomes a company-wide foundation of understanding.  New thought and new solutions show up in almost everyone’s mind and when you multiply that across an organization, its a game-changer.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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