One Solution Conference Represents an Opportunity for the United Nations

My interest in the United Nations comes from 15 years of representing business needs to facilitate international trade (the UN is a big believer in trade as countries that trade together rarely engage in war with each other). During that time, I was often asked to resolve disagreements between country representatives and sometimes, if I’m honest, I was in the middle of a disagreement myself. My learning time and time again was that the disagreement was rarely, if ever, about the piece of paper in front of us and much more about how we saw each other by misreading the other’s point of view.

Peter Wilson
Former member of the UN/CEFACT Steering Committee

I wish I knew then what I know now to be true: That an understanding of how Mind works opens up much greater potential for seeing more clearly, so that creativity, opportunity and new solutions flow more freely.

The UN relies heavily on people like ourselves who contribute their time, expertise and energy, so getting this message to the UN also gets it out into the business and intergovernmental community.

I believe that the One Solution Conference in Oslo is an invaluable opportunity to create greater understanding of how Mind works and ultimately provides extremely practical ways for business people, agencies and UN staff to address global issues. When the prize is more peace and less war, it goes without saying that this is definitely worth knowing.

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