Kenya Police Seeing Promising Results From Reform Program

Key leaders of program will present early findings at One Solution Conference
George Pransky leading a training session with Kenya State Police.


The vision of the One Solution conference is to demonstrate how a new understanding of the mind leads to unprecedented results, like this report on a program with the Kenyan Police, published April 8 on the web site of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (see Addressing Mindsets at the Top of the Reform Agenda for Kenya’s National Police Force). One officer participating in the training said it has “inspired me to discover the potential I didn’t know I possess.”

Dr. George Pransky, who will be a speaker at the One Solution Conference, leads the training in Nairobi. In the video at right, he discusses some of his experiences at the recent training. Together, Dr. Pransky and Simon Charters, programme officer with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, will present at the conference the early findings from the training and discuss how these principles of the mind offer an innovative solution to some of the toughest challenges the United Nations works to address.

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  1. I’m really encouraged to see how the Three Principles is being used to transform policing. I’m a former police officer in the UK and believe a 3P approach within Criminal Justice would have sustainable impacts with victims and offenders. I’m currently on Michael Neill’s SCA 2016 and unable to attend Oslo, but I wish you well and I’ve love to be involved. I’ve just shared the story with a prospective Police and Crime Commissioner in England and she is interested!

    1. Janet Rhynie

      Hi Stuart, it would be good to connect as I have been sharing the Principles as an integral part of my group interventions. Yep witnessing inner peace within those who at one time believed they had none1

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