Eirik Grunde Olsen

Bringing "Some day" into the NOW.

Bringing “Some day” into the NOW.

Talking about how the mind is the source of global change has really made an impact on all of us. It has been amazing to see all of us have a jump in how we think about what we´re doing, and the effect that has had on our surroundings.

In this clip, which is a behind the scenes look at a call we have with our partners of One Solution, Eirik shares how easily a shift can have a totally different result. And how all the stuff we put into the future can be done right now. That we all can change right now, cause NOW is all there is.

We are super excited to everyone who wants to join us in taking global change from “some day” to NOW.

See more on the video below.

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  1. Lyn

    This clip looks to me like the Pransky’s aren’t listening to you Eirik. The message I get from watching the body language is that they are rather indifferent to what you’re saying. Perhaps it’s because of the angle in which it was shot. The other clip from what looks like the same conversation is much more engaging.


      Hey Lyn. Thanks for your video-analysis 😉

      You are right. That is just how they look sometimes 🙂 And you can see George getting ready to what hes about to share, which is the other clip from him directly after me 🙂

      1. Lyn

        So looking forward to seeing how well the conference is received in Oslo. Wishing you much luck with it and even if it requires baby steps to get the world to listen, at least it’s still progress one step at a time. An acquaintance of mine is volunteering at the event, Mary Schiller and her husband. Much luck to all of you who are spreading these principles to everyone everywhere. 🙂

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