Behind the scenes Roundtable

What makes ONE SOLUTION different?

Behind the Scenes – What makes this different?

This is a behind the scenes video, filmed in a planning session with the main speakers of the conference. In it we discuss how this conference is different – both for us doing it, and for the people attending. Our goal is let you tag along in our thought-process on how this understanding is in fact the invisible key to global change. This is one way of showing you, where you get to be on a fly on the wall when discussing the minds role in global issues.

This was filmed in early stages, in London, when the Idea of One Solution was birthed.

Set aside 20 minutes, and please comment, or ask any questions that may arise!


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  1. Rui

    Really cool your videos about your brainstorming moments. I would love to go, but still finding a way to get funds 🙂


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